Bilingual Real Estate Agents NY

Bilingual Real Estate Agents NY

New York's population currently stands at just under 20 million. With many cultures and neighbourhood tongues emerging, there are now over 800 languages spoken in New York alone.

The English language is currently the dominant language used by 65% of the population, followed by Spanish at 20% and Chinese. These three languages are the top 3 currently used in NY today. It is crucial as a State that professionals working in New York speak bilingual or multilingual languages to meet the needs of its consumers.

When buying or selling NY property there are many questions you will have. Buyers looking for a new home will want to find out as much information as possible. Questions such as features required, information regarding the surrounding area, up-to-date legal terms and conditions, what’s included in the sale, and how do I make an offer? and many more. If bilingual languages are not spoken there may be issues with language barriers, this will deter individuals from buying or selling a property if information is missed or misunderstood.

How can Team Rivera Real Estate help you?

Bilingual real estate agents in NY are a distinctive feature not all real estate agents hold. Being able to speak multiple languages eases the experience of buying and selling your home to a wider audience. Team Rivera is one of the few bilingual real estate agents in NY to offer all customers this service. With every member of Team Rivera having lived or living in NY and surrounding areas, they hold a wide range of extensive knowledge of the NY area. Questions regarding local schools, amenities and public transport can be described to you in whichever dialect you prefer. Bilingual real estate professionals are something you don't want to miss out on. The benefit also offers sales to a wider audience, getting you the most for your money and property.

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Team Rivera, associates of Keller Willams Realty, means not only do we offer bilingual real estate agents NY but we also give you access to over 110,000 associates across the country. With the latest technology, we are leading the way on top-name sites such as Zillow and Trulia giving you the best service with top brand exposure.

You won't find a more focused, energetic professional bilingual real estate agent in NY. Contact Team Rivera today, where our dedicated team of professionals will be ready to assist you further.